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chinese checkers

Set-up: Chinese checkers can be played by two to six players. Each player covers his point of the star with his marbles. When two people play, using 15 marbles each (black and white), they take opposite points. When three people play, using 10 marbles each; they use every other point. When four or more people play, using 10 marbles each; they alternate points as much as possible.

Rules: In one turn a player may move only one marble. He may move one hole in any direction or jump over another marble, his own or his opponent's. He may also jump a series of marbles, one marble at a time, zigzagging in any direction so long as each jump is directly over a marble. Two marbles in a row always forms a block. No marbles are ever removed from the board after they are jumped.

Chinese Checkers

Objective: The winner is the first player to move all his marbles to the point directly opposite his starting point.

Dimensions: .75" X 12" X 12"
Woods: oak, cherry, walnut, & oak and walnut in combination

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Cost: $35.00


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