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fox & geese

History: Variations of this game date back to at least the 1400's in England and to the early 1800's in the Appalachian Highlands. It has been a favorite pastime of the "Millboy" and a neighbor while the miller grinds the "turns" of his corn. A roughly drawn board on an upturned box, two grains of red corn (Foxes) and twenty-four white grains (Geese) and two men or boys with time to spare furnished hours of fun for onlookers as well as participants.

Rules: The object of the game is for the geese to pen up both foxes so they cannot move or for the foxes to capture twelve geese.

Two persons play the game: one has the foxes and the other the geese. A fox moves first and then a goose, each player making one move at a time.

The foxes may move forward, backward, diagonally along the lines, or toward the side and may capture the geese by jumping over them (as would a King in checkers) when a hole beyond a goose is empty. The foxes are not required to jump but may move to another hole if one is open. A move or jump must be made on each turn.

The geese may move only forward or sideways, one hole at a time, and are not permitted to jump a fox, but instead try to pen him up so he cannot move or jump.

Fox & Geese

Objective: The game is won when the foxes are penned-up or half of the geese have been eaten (removed from the board)


This game is played with a Fox & Geese board, but 32 marbles are used.

Rules: The marbles are so arranged that the center spot is left blank. Then for each move, one marble must jump over an adjacent marble into a vacant hole beyond. The marble passed over is removed. All jumps must be vertical or horizontal - never diagonal.

Objective: The object of the game is to remove all of the marbles from the board except one, and this should be left in the central hole.

Dimensions: .75" X 9" X 9"
Wood: cherry

Cost: $25.00


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