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History: Known as Mankala'h in Egypt, Pallanguli in India and Ceylon, Kalah in Syria, Wari in Africa, and Awari in Guyana and the Caribbean, Mancala may be the world's oldest game. Mancala was being played in Egypt before 1400 BC. Stone boards have been found at Thebes, Memphis and Luxor. Sometimes called the African national game, it is played throughout that continent under a great many different tribal names. While boards and the number of pieces used vary, the so-called two-rank Mancala board, which contains two parallel rows of six holes (pits), is the most commonly used. There are usually two larger holes (scoring pits) at each end of the board.

Rules: Two persons play this game: place the board between the players with the scoring pits at the left and right ends. The pits nearest each player belongs to that player along with the scoring pit to the right of the player.


Beginners: place 3 or 4 stones in each of the 12 smaller pits.
Advanced: place 6 stones in each of the 12 smaller pits.

Once a stone is touched all stones in that pit must be played. During play, counting stones by touching them is not allowed.

The first player can select any one of the 6 pits on his side of the board and removes all the stones. Then by going counterclockwise, drop one stone into each pit, including your own scoring pit. Do NOT place a stone in your opponents scoring pit. If the player places the last stone in their own scoring pit, they go again. If the last stone is placed in an empty pit on your side of the board, then remove all stones from the pit directly opposite (your opponent's) and deposit them in your scoring pit.

Many variations of the rules exist.

Objective: Each player attempts to accumulate the most stones in his scoring pit before either player clears all the stones from his or her side of the board.

The game ends when all the pits on one side of the board are empty. The stones remaining on the board go to the scoring pit of the player whose side of the board they are on. The winner is the player with the most stones in their scoring pit (not necessarily the first player to empty the pits).

Dimensions: .75" X 14.5" X 5"

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