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The purpose: For one player to name the colors and locations of the four golf tees hidden by his/her opponent.

The play: It is recommended that players use six colors to play the game. Use more colors for advanced play. Player #1 uses the short black and white tees; player #2 uses the long colored tees. Player #1, without player #2 seeing, chooses one each of four different colored golf tees (from player #2's bag of tees) and places them in the four holes at is/her end of the board and covers them. Player#2 starts guessing which color tees are in which places by placing colored tees in the first row of his/her end of the board. Player #1 then tells player #2 how many are the right color in the right location by placing a black tee in the answering row. And then, how many are the right color in an incorrect location by placing a white tee in the answering area. Answers are given from the inside of the row to the outside, starting with black and then white. i.e. two black and one white means: “You have two correct colors in the correct locations and one other color is correct”. No detailed information is given. Player #2 uses the information gained by the answers to guess again in row two. More answers are given and more information is gained. This continues until player #2 guesses the correct colors and locations of tees (and WINS) or runs out of guessing rows (and LOSES).

Dimensions: 15" X 4.75" X 2"
Number of Pieces: 8 colors of tees (15 ea)
plus black & white answer tees (25 ea) and base

Dimensions: 4.25" X 4.25" X 2"
Number of pieces: 4
Wood: Oak

Cost: $25.00


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