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Although the origin of tangrams is not known (most likely Chinese), one belief is that it is named after the Chinese dynasty of Tang. The Tang dynasty was so famous in its time, the name Tang became synonymous with the word 'Chinese'. Gram is a common word ending meaning something written or drawn. Therefore this is truly the 'Chinese Puzzle'.

No matter its origins, tangrams is the most outstanding of all the dissection puzzles. There are only seven pieces, but there are an extraordinary number of ways to assemble them. The figures can be geometrical, represent letters or numbers, structural objects (churches, boats & houses), or an almost infinite number of human and animal figures. The only limitation is your imagination.


Our book includes many of these shapes and figures, but a lot of the fun will be creating your own. Send your creations to us and they may be included in future books.

One fun way to enjoy tangrams is through competition. With two sets, you and a friend can see who can complete a certain figure first.


  Puzzle - .25" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  Number of pieces - 7

Wood: cherry

Cost: $12.50


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